Roulette Videos – Tips

Check out these videos full of tips on how to win at roulette! We haven’t tried out all of these strategies, so best to start small and test them out for yourself slowly

This video is produced by the Gambling Research Institute and goes through a contra-bet strategy that they claim is the fastest way to win on a consistent basis

The Great Courses takes on this task with a mathematical angle. It’s very interesting to understand the risks and probability with each bet and this video is very informative

Kman produces this video that covers the basics of the Modified Martingale strategy. They run through a number of scenarios and this videos forms part of a series, which is well worth watching

This video covers in great detail how to win online roulette based on a pre-selected set of numbers and a 33% chance of winning every time. The video is broken down into the introduction, how to register and deposit on a website, watch the live strategy happen exactly live in action and then covers all of the conclusions

This video goes very deep into the “secrets” of the roulette wheel! It covers in gret detail the history of the game, the layout of the wheel and it’s construction. This video is so different to any of the others out there about roulette, it’s well worth watching

Have you watched our other videos about the Rules of Roulette

Remember, gambling is supposed to be fun. If it stops being fun or becomes a problem, you should seek help