Roulette Videos – Rules

Here are a selection of videos about the rules of Roulette. They feature different styles and cover American, French and European Roulette. Understanding how to play the game is the most important thing you can do before deciding on your strategy.

Casino Rama Resort in Orillia Ontario Canada provide this excellent guide

Howcast cover all of the basic tip in this video

Casinator have a very concise guide to playing roulette

CasinoTop10 has this short and snappy guide to playing and winning at roulette

The American Casino Guide offers this educational video about how to play and win at roulette. With almost 3 million views already, this is a very popular video. What makes it different to the rest is they cover the worst bet you can make and also explain the bets that give casinos an advantage

If you would like to understand the rules a bit better and also to know the differences between European, French and American roulette, you can find out guide The Rules of Roulette